Do I need a Pool Maintenance Service?

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Look, if you are able-bodied the answer is probably no. Unless of course, you want to see a young hunk in your back yard bending and sweating. Hate to give you statistics but the average age of a Pool service tech is 39 years old. Sorry ladies. Here’s a tip; do it smartly and your pool should take little effort. Promise!

Maintaining a pool should take less than 1 hour a week. And your chemical costs shouldn’t exceed $35 per month. (GET SALT AND IT’S EVEN EASIER AND COSTS LESS—WAIT …THAT’S ANOTHER POST.) Of course, rain and pool parties will all add maintenance time. And, if you are a really, really neat person, it will take you longer to keep the pool clean. Can you say “WHITE GLOVE SYNDROME” anyone? So . . . what’s the trick? Consistency, chlorine, and cleaning. Pools don’t demand much, but they absolutely will not forgive you if you don’t do what they do demand. Be consistent — or be swimming in green! Chlorine has a bad rap, mostly by the uneducated. Chlorine does three functions: sanitizes, oxidizes, and kills algae.

Also, regular cleaning is necessary. Clean your pool and filter weekly. With the average Pool Service costing $100 per month, you can save some money and take out your honey even more times per month.