Hire Craftsmen, Not Salesmen

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As you already know the Florida construction industry has taken a huge hit economically. At least two dozen pool companies have gone out of business in the last 18 months.
Comfort Pools — knock on wood — has survived these tough times as strong as ever. Even if we are more tired from extra hours and going the extra mile customer-service wise.

On more than one occasion I have been “Advised” to hire less experienced personnel and short-change the pool quality.


My limited investigation into these failed companies is that they went out of business because THEY CUT CORNERS.

Inexperienced personnel, short-changing customers, leads to the same personnel coming back again to fix mistakes made the first time.

I call this spending good money after bad.

This business model creates ill will all around, lowers morale and creates no word of mouth.

I own the company and do the estimates as well as the work. (I even wrote this) Sometimes I am a bit unshaven when I come to you because I am on the job.

A lot of other companies are sales organizations not service delivery. The guy is clean, handsome and pushes for the sale. They get the sale, a deposit and then they dump your job upon a group of inexperienced folks.

Hire Craftsmen, not Salesmen.

My prices are EXTREMELY competitive. My guys are all experienced craftsmen; I alone have 31 years in the business. We put all the money in the pool so we don’t come back…unless it’s for a beer.